Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia


She appears to be a mature women in her 30's, she is usually seen wearing a red dress in both the game and real world.


Flirtatious and haughty she also grows bored very easily. She enjoys hunting for victims, seducing them, especially there dismay when they realize they have been trapped. She works well with her teammates using terms of endearment with Hua Ling, and Ah Er. Above all her allegiance is to the Jackal as anyone who betrays him even if it is one of her teammates is considered an enemy. She proved that she is truly loyal to The Jackal as she stood by him after he lost all his wealth.


She is a senior member commanding the respect of her guild mates. time and time again she has proven her loyalty to "The Jackal". Together with her guild mates she The Gold Treasure Hunting Guild has garnered infamy among players. Her role is to routinely lure targets in the real world to a secure location where they are forcibly logged onto the game, to have there wealth stolen by the Jackal.

While not seen it is assumed that the Jackal distributes the wealth among his guild mates. This strategy along with there excellent teamwork have allowed the guild to grow in status. They have also toppled multiple tomb bossess despite there relatively small size in comparison to other guilds. Their base on the 35th floor is used as there hunting ground for new players. there alliance with Jade Coffin also provides them a life line with a powerful guild protecting them should any of there victims seek revenge.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

Gambler's Death Poker: The raider can control a set of cards, each suit has its own unique abilities. An extremely versatile raider tool that has both support, offensive, and defensive abilities.

  • Diamond: Creates strong defensive barriers. Shots can be ricochet from shields.
  • Heart: Summons animals (flush giant centipede, birds). Can be assisted by using flying cards to increase attack range.
  • Clubs(Mocking Crown): For the next 30 seconds they are controlled by individual.
  • Spade: Summon zombies
  • Joker(Awakened): User wields two scythe like blades, as well as battle armor of steel boot, a skirt and armored shirt. When hit by the red scythe you will be unable to move for three seconds, when hit by the red scythe you will attack anyone around you for three seconds. When hit by both the target will kill itself within three seconds.