Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

Xiao Feng Tai famous for winning championship after championship in Ti Gan fighting game. He actually dreams of becoming a martial artist but is forced to play in tournament after tournament by his father. He makes a wager with his father if he becomes the strongest player in the game then he can quit gaming forever and become a martial artist.


A tall slender man he features are imposing. He is an elite who constantly wears a scowl on his face. He has purple hair and wears stylish clothing a sign of his wealth.


He is a cold calculating individual as a result of his wager with his father. He hates the life he has been forced to live and is desperate for freedom.

Thus any individual to him is seen as a useful tool to gain strength or a barrier that he must overcome.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

As an avid martial artist Xia feng has honed his physical abilities, he possess acute senses allowing him to react quickly to attacks and to counter. His years in the virtual martial arts circuit has insured he has an advantage even as a new player in the game world. These abilities are further complimented by his raider tool which focuses on dealing maximum damage to opponents through physical harm.

Taibo Tan Blade: A massive metal arm that covers his right arm. Xiao has noted that the arm is heavy and cumbersome, despite this complaint he traded a valuable ring in order to exchange for this exact raider tool.

Metal Enhancement: Allows the raider to execute a powerful punch by activating jets on the back of the arm. While activated raider will continuously increase in speed and power, offsetting the heavy raider tools drawbacks.

Exorcism Storm: Ability allows raider to activate an attack that while not damaging to players can harm ling beast.

Equipment Activate: Considered his weapons strongest form the arm is transformed into a car. Afterward Xia is able to kill any one run over by the car, in return the user must pay how money the victim owns.

Ling Beast[]

While in its beast form appears as a metallic fish with a hollowed body, in human form it takes the appearance of a young mermaid with purple hair and fins.

The beast is subservient to its master, doing whatever he bids even intercepting projectiles with it's sturdy body when asked.