Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

A fairly new player who is enjoying his journey in the new world. He seems to lack the abilities of a seasoned gamer but makes up for it with his incredible charisma.


Known for his constant smile and weight. He wears an orange jacket with black jeans and a pair of headphones on his head. While not extremely short he is not as tall as Shu Yin


He is extremely positive and enjoys speaking with others. His familiarity with individuals can be off putting but he is loyal to his friends and willing to do whatever it takes to earn the trust of others. This is why he probably is a class president because while he may be annoying he is sincere to to his friends.


Xia Yu is the class president of Shu Yin's class. Like many other individuals in the game he sought a location to meet friends and have fun. He met Shu Yin in game along with Xiao Feng, and Hua Ling in game in the new players quest. He was killed in the ensuing battle but his early defeat did not lessen his eagerness to play.

He was included with any other players and raided the ninth level. He allied himself with the Viking Robber group securing a place with the powerful guild because of his unique utility with the guild leaders newfound raider tool.


While not physically gifted and a novice gamer to the virtual world. His personality allows him to approach allies more easily. With open arms he is able to maintain friendly albeit weak relationships with large amounts of people. While not being experienced himself he has seen many high level players and has enough general knowledge to create alliances with strong allies.

Raider Tool

Eye of the Storm: A Chakram weapon which allows the user to transmute there body into the properties of wind.

Men Like the Wind: A strengthening ability the user primarily uses this to avoid attacks or to sneak past an enemies defenses for a close range attack. The ability effectiveness is hampered when there are objects that give away the users location for instance leaves, allowing the opponent to predict the users movements. The raider tool was used in a combination attack with Viking Dumas' Storm Gloves to exponential increase the lethality of the raider tool. By increasing the spin of Xia Yu then unleashing him onto a battlefield three large tornadoes are created.