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His main interest seem to lie in attaining a woman in game. He is willing to o as far as capturing a ling beast to act out bondage play fantasies or saving female players offering protection for there bodies. This infatuation with women clouds his judgement preventing him from dealing with opponents who plan multiple steps in advance. Such as Ah Er and Shu Yin.

Despite his overtures he is a skilled adventurer recognized in his Viking Raider Group.


Witnessed first in the coliseum on the 10th floor. He faced Ah Er in single combat for the prize of the Snow leopard ling beast. His plans were to transform the beast into a beautiful maiden and use the beast for nefarious purposes. The battle was ambushed and he was defeated by the combined efforts of Shu Yin and Gemini Twins.

He is later seen raiding the 19th floor with his guild as they are assisted by Iron coffin member Lan Qi Er. Finally he joins his guild on an expedition where they raid the 7th level. He works in conjunction with his guild in defeating monsters offering protection to female gamers that he saves from the ferocious monsters of the 7th level.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]