Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

A title is achieved by following a set of actions in the game. There are different grades of titles such as normal, rare, and unique. There are 190 normal grade titles(knight, mage, archer, horseman), 100 rare types(healer, elementalist, ), then one legendary title, and it is unknown how many unique titles there are. While normal and rare grade titles are recorded in an in game grimoire allowing players to pursue the title step by step instruction on acquiring them. Unique titles require special actions to be obtained and are not recorded, also only one individual can hold a specific unique title.


Zi Meng (Medic):Achieved by manufacturing 10, 0000 health potions, finding rare ingredients, and going on quest. Able to heal party members, of damage instantly, also can create fortified healing potions.

(Magic Swordsman): Achieved by killing cold shaped raider tools to kill magic worms in ten levels. This title allows the swordsman to observe another shen ling gear.

(Black Smith): raider can augment the raider tools of others raiders.

Lushu Yin (Gravekeeper): Obtained by entering floor 0.

(Berserker): Increases agility and strength ten fold.

(Elementalist-Wood): Allows control over wood by either promoting growth of wood or by directly manipulating branches of wood. The raider can strengthen wood to many times it's original strength or can be used in conjunction with raider tool.

(Elementalist-Ice): Allows raider to control and manipulate ice, to create bridges or to encase enemies in ice in order to protect them.

Lan Tian Yu(Thousand Killer Shinra): This ability was gain by killing 1000 players who had wealth of 1,000,000. Allows the raider to wield over the limit of 15 abilities that players are allowed. The raider can posses 1000 abilities.

(The Collector): Achieved by capturing multiple raider tools. This allows the user to posses more than one raider tool breaking the rules of only allowing one raider tool for each raider. User also can release or activate raider tools human appearance. This is done to pacify or to communicate with raider tools.

Tie Mhu Zhen(Hacker): Allows the raider . This allows him to forcibly take over an account of another. In doing so he can delete the user's account or take over there wealth. 

Xiao Qi(Forging Master): Allows the upgrade of raider tools using unique material(black dragon egg). 

(Knight): Boasting a large quantity of health the knight can take large amounts of damage.