Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

Originally a grave keeper, Tie Mhu has decided that rather than protect Pan-Gu which the old grave keepers decided on the new grave keepers should destroy all living remnants of the God. He has admitted that he does not know what will occur after this action is taken.


He is muscular he is primarily seen in game shirtless wearing pants. With a blue sash around his waist.


A charismatic leader who feels his past is righteous. Although he does not lie to others as he feel it is necessary, he is not above using underhanded tactics to further his goals.


Originally he wads an outcast forced out of the main grave keeper by Luyou Qui, he along with his supporters were forced into the shadows. It was not until the massacre of the main branch of grave keepers that he was able to resurface. His plan to dispatch god rather than control or protect it was in full motion the moment his group captured Lu Shu Yin girlfriend Lu Lian.

They sought to control him through threatening her but this was undone by the united efforts of the last grave keeper and the Collector. He later agrees to a shaky alliance with the grave keeper where in they will prevent Jade Coffin from dispatching the bosses of level 1-10.


Tomb Raider Magic Tool

His Raider tool is unknown but his Ling Gear are a set of dragon bones that he uses to attack enemies and intiiate his abilities.