Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

The Collector an ominous figure famous for her control over mutiple ling beast. Whenever she sees an interesting beast she cannot help but seek it out and add it to her collection. Thus far she has 11 ling beast that she possesses



Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

Her title collector allows her to turn shen ling equipment into there beast form once again. She has gained the loyalty of each beast treating each as honored family members.

Ling Beast

Centaur:A carriage that is drawn by two centaurs it can run on the ground as well as fly in the sky. It is unknown if this can also travel multiple dimensions as the collector made a surprise attack on Cerberus.


A Remington rifle that can be used to fire several varieties of bullets each with a unique effect.

-Puppet Bullet: Turns target into a puppet for two-three minutes.

Sausage Dragon: Can enter a player through there oral cavity where it travels to the intestines, where it cuts a piece of the organ perfectly imitates that organ. This can be used to spy on enemies as well as communicate with the individual who has been infiltrated. There is no means of detecting this beast. Since it can imitate organs it was used to imitate Pangu's eye.

Bing Ka: Transforms into a desert eagle handgun. Fires six powerful shots that must take time to reload.