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Lan Tian Yu, is a forceful leader who uses thuggish tactics to intimidate his enemies as well as his guild mates. Thus although he has been seen with four other members as a personal retinue the vast majority members seem to respect his power. Cohesion and independence is only kept as long as he is around thus when he was forcefully logged out his second in command was easy to control by others. Although hostile an erratic the leader shows care for his guild mates as only he is allowed to boss them around.


Ah Xing


The Blacksmith Shop is located on the 12 floor checkpoint. Needed for the Second in Command to obtain the, rare title of "Master Forger". WIth access to the shop members are able to exchange or change there raider tools to what they find suitable rather than relying on luck for a specific raider tool.


The main goal of the guild is to increase there power. They will use there might to intimidate raiders as well as to overtake powerful opponents. Despite there barbaric nature the guild posses a number of unique talents and aside from the leader each member boast a great deal of wealth.

This raider team primarily uses forceful tactics as well taking advantage of there enemies when they are at there weakest, seizing opportune moments to receive the most reward. They are infamous for there propensity for violence, lack of honor, as well as there leader.

Despite there love for battle Lan Tian Yu is able to control his the members and is an effective tool of Jade Coffin to carry out missions.