Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

Shu Yin , is the main protagonist of manhwa , Yin zhi Shoumuren (Silver Gatekeeper). He is also the grandchild of the well known Game Developer Luyou Qui.


Shu Yin is always seen wearing his beloved red scarf which was given to him by Luyou Qui when they were still together. Along the red scarf is his old or classic school uniform which is his Blue sleeve with white line under. And also a blue school slacks.


A detective at a young age SHuyin is always thinking always looking for information's. this has lead him to distrust others at first glance questioning everyone's intentions. Despite this jaded view of the world he is willing to risk life and limb for others that he values. In the same breath he is willing to execute cold calculated strategies against his enemies.


Shu yin is capable to analyze, and deduce the abilities of their opponent while fighting, and make quick judgment to make strategies to defeat them using anything at his disposition, like his environment and inclusive use their abilities at his advantage.

Wealth stream: Shu Yin posses a ton of money after his grandfather's death, he inherit all money that grandfather own over a billion.

The Last Grave-keeper: the title effect its function is to increase the HP of the owner based the player number of the current level but the quantitative change to qualitative change.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

  • Shi Yu Scarf: Created from the soul of his grandpa. Own multiple power but only can use one at time, which is randomly selected by the tool. This power is represented for a single color gem, when selected they are broken turn the scarf to its Color. The same gem apparently can't be selected two consecutive times. After being upgraded by a blacksmith the scarf randomly selects two gems and activates them simultaneously.
    • Shi Yu Scarf System: when it's active... The shu yu scarf will bring out the instruction to use it directly to the my of Shu Yin.

Blue Gem:'

>Take the power of defeated enemy, can wield the raider ability of individual until raider deactivates there ability. After enhancement the moment an opponent has spilled blood the user can copy all of there abilities allowing for easier activation.

  • Ignite: Summons a set of spirits that appears as birds. Each bird represents an ability, when they come in contact with the raider they can use the ability. Birds can be physically prevented from reaching raider although they cannot be destroyed by any means.

Red Gem:

>A machete made of mercury and oxygen and sharper even can cut anything. As the sword is deployed it slowly disintegrates into a mist. As time passes the machete (blade) will gradually break down, deploying more and more of the mercury and oxygen in the air. The individual in possession of the scabbard of the sword is protected or immunity from the mercury poison. The Core ability of this blade's ability is to maintain a blade shape.

  • Effect: Shi Yun reflexes raise by 10 times.

1001 gravestones

Yellow Gem:

> Forbidden Yard of A Thousand Tombs

  • 1001 gravestones rise from the ground in the vision field of the user(including if he see it toward another raider tool or ability), at the will of the user, using this can be used in Various ways like as platforms, to cover and hide or created them in the bait to let tem drop in other player, but these are treated as part of the rider tool so opponents can used them to trigger abilities that require contact with the raider tool . Each grave can enhance a specific ability up to 11 unique abilities (increase recovery, attack speed, movement speed, strengthen bones, special [increase] abilities, smell, sight, attack strength, skin hardness, Ferocity, Beast instinct awaken and etc). By standing under the shadow of the gravestones the ling beast will benefit from the gravestones. A beast can gain multiple buffs from gravestones allowing them to increase there power by ten fold.

Purple Gem:

The Ming Wang Xing

> The enchantment abilities of the gem is refer to improving the portion of a user's body that receives the buff. If the ability is continuously use it takes a lot of energy if the user have no more energy that the buff needed automatically removed.

  • Mystic Eye: enhanced vision, can detect illusions and discern tools from normal objects and even can gather information or able to predict the possible outcome of the battle or an incoming attack. The Ming Wang Xing [Mystic Eye] can allow all light that enters my to atomically provide all the information to be needed. (instantaneous Process of information)


  • Shadow: This kind of ability that can increase such as speed or physical attribute of the user such a length of time and able to manipulate the power of shadow can create double reflection of the user in form of a shadow figure. (instantaneous Acceleration)

Green gem


>Invoking skill

  • Requiem [Lan Qi'er]: Curse type raider tool. Appear as a giant green bell that following the raider. When hit it will emit sound that curse player who hear it, the curse it take time to active. It unleashed the bad omen to the people who hear it and the effect released a tomb stone pillar for the people who died with the curse. The tomb stone pillar able to summon a spirit who been victim with the curse the user of the skill able to control or command them, the tomb stone are fragile but it have special traits half of the damage taken will be transferred to the user, if the opponent attack the tomb stone it give back the damage you deal. The spirit can pass through anything but the target, once has been caught. But they cant use skills, they wont attack, they'll only cling to the target and there's a special trait that make it effective on the target called "undying", No matter what you do, how much the target attack, they can't kill the souls so in conclusion they can't escape the cemetery
    • Effect: who trap in the Cemetery will give affect of "Despair".

Black gem

>Unknown. But apparently this gem have a special requirement, say for Shu yin himself that can be select no matter what.

Extra Raider tools:[]

  • Yao Qian Tree: Can grow Shen Tong Credit(Worth 100,00 wealth), it will give out 3 Shen Tong Credit in total.
  • Zi xue mo zhuang (Demonic blood clothes)(received from blood budda):

    • The black outfit with red line details, the special ability of this cloth is only increase the HP of the user, once activated it can also increase the HP of fellow party members (Ally), even the user can take damage if it higher or stronger than the user.

'Ling Beast

  • Sand Guardian(Lost)
  • Gemini Twins(Guide)

  • Zombies(Temporary)-> upgraded for yellow gem Graves(Temporary)