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Luyou Qui , is one of the protagonists in the story , he is also the biological grandfather of Lu Shu Yin and adoptive father of Lu Lian. He is the greatest game developer who died after getting killed by an unknown woman.

Appearance and Personality

He was seen wearing a formal attire when he was at his office seat and also seen wearing a Dragon Ball Z attire. Just like Goku's. He's quite idiotic. He is the only relative of Shu Yin. He was the one who gave Shu Yin the red scarf and they were very close to each other. When Shu Yin watched the video of him getting killed , he stated that he don't know Luyou Qui but he can't control his emotions or feelings towards him and later on he found out that he was his grandfather.

Luyou Qui and young Shu Yin

Early Life

He is a Game Developer and is well known in his time. He also had a lot of enemies. Lu Lian is his adopted daughter , her parents were Luyou Qui's close friends , so he decided to take care of her and adopt her as his daughter. He also had his only biological family , Lu Shu Yin . He can't remember about Luyou Qui as his grandfather but he gets flashbacks from his past about it just like when they two walking somewhere and talking about a new game that Luyou Qui created he told his grandfather that his games are the best. And It is boring at the same time. Later on , Luyou Qui gave Shu Yin a red scarf as a gift. And till now he still wears it.