Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

Lian Xia Wu grew up alongside Hua Ling, they share a deep friendship as there three parents were gravekeepers who defended Xia Heart together.


Xia Wu is short he usually wears a set of cargo shorts, with a simple green shirt. He also wears a set of goggles, along his black hair.


Due to his age he is naive and prone to take rash actions. He has a deep infatuation for his childhood friend who he drew pictures in his raider tool of there days spent together for over a year. He loves and trust his family but when he suspects his father's betrayal he does not shy away and pursues the truth no matter the outcome.


A beta tester for the game he made a promise with his childhood friend to give her a beast a parting gift before her illness took her life. This became his sole reason for playing the game. After he achieves this goal he overhears a secret conversation between his father and Jade Coffin members a possible cure for his friend. He steals the cure and goes off his own now determined that his father did in fact betray his friends as well as his own sons trust.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

Xia Wu does not seem to posses as much battle prowess as other raiders. He should have a vast collection of knowledge based on being a beta tester for the game. Still despite his in dept knowledge of the game he did not remember the rules of the tenth floor arena meaning his judgement can be clouded by emotion.

Paladin Knight Memory: In order to activate the raider tool, the user must draw one picture a day consistently for 365 days. After a year the raider tool will be able to be activated.

Xia Wu manifest a set of armor as well as hammer with runic inscription. The power of the raider tool is dependent on the emotion or the power of the memories drawn pictures.