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Lan Tian Yu, A senior member of Jade Coffin he is also the leader of his own guild.

His wealth is stalled at 999,999,999 wealth. his goal is to break the billion mark. He seeks out different opponents or unique situations in order to capture a unique title of his own. His current title Thousand Killer Shinra, was achieved by his quest to capture a unique title.


He wears a white mask with red war paint and a large white head dress. He also wears armor similar to the members of his group on his chest with black clothes.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

Lan Tian is an aggressive fighter usually catching his opponents off guard with his preemptive strikes. He favors offensive abilities but he also manipulates opponents through intimidation. He is extremely quick keeping up with a member of Iron Coffin. Despite it never being mentioned he is also quite intelligent, in order to manage the 1000 abilities afforded by his title he must be equally cunning. He will usually use abilities in concert with one another to cover there weakness, or quickly string one ability with one another.

Heavenly Staff Punishment: His raider tool takes the form of a staff. While this weapon can be used in close quarter combat it can transform into a gatling gun allowing Lan to fire from great distances.

Hunting God Strike: Allows the raider to fire a laser from a great distance once 1000 opponents have died in the area surrounding the raider.

Heavenly Arrow- A short range beam is fired from the staff.

Mythical Rod- Allows raider to extend the rod, Lan Tian used it to hit an enemy with rocks.

Liu Dao Gatling: When he invokes his gatling gun he also has the ability to increas ehis size allowing him to enhance the weapon's bullets as they also increase in size. The gatling gun holds a 800 rounds of ammo, after which point it will take 3 minutes to reload once more and will increase the attack power by 6. After the next round of three minutes the raider can fire a single laser shot at opponents and maintain the firing. When attacked the raider is unable to move Lan makes up for this weakness by using a dragon to circle around him.

Godly Physique: Once the gatling gun has fired 1600 rounds the shell castings can be used to enhance the raider freeing them from any curse or restriction for 60 seconds.