Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia


Tie Mhu Zhen: A strong leader who holds the trust of all of his members. He has invested a great deal of effort into his mission and will carry it out by any means. He is intelligent and methodical and is not above allying with enemies if they further his goals.

8 Guardians: https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-279580/chapter/mrs-chapter-279707

  • Bei Ke
  • Wu Zei
  • Zi Meng
  • Mo Xiao Qi
  • Li Quiping
  • Xi Feng


The Guild is located in the Cross fortress on the floor 36th floor, the base is surrounded by mountains. The fortress is heavily fortified as would be expected. The guild has many unque and precious items that they store in there fortress such as the eye of Pangu as well as the black dragon. These objects give the guild a massive advantage in there fight against other tomb raiders.

The Location affords the guild many necessities as they are able to repeatedly slay the dragon once a year to upgrade there unique raider tools. The fortress also contains cells which spawn monsters from which they can practice there techniques.


Each member is a former gravekeeper whose raider tools were passed down from generation to generation. Although they identify as gravekeepers they are a castoff group that was viewed as too extreme by Luyou Qui. Since the betrayal of Lian Sang Liang and subsequent massacre of a large majority of gravekeepers. They have become the main force opposing Jade Coffin. There intention of Iron Coffin is to kill Pan Gu, this is a strategy that has unknown consequences but will definitely prevent the enemy from gaining victory.