Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia


An elementary school girl in game she dresses in a red outfit with many trinkets indicating her youth. She wields a sword that appears as a game pad attached to a scabbard. In real life she dresses in a pink skirt, wear her hair in a ponytail.


Hua ling is despite her age is extremely driven. SHe is impatient and easily lead astray due to her impulsivity.


This has not hampered the lessons of her father who told her to look for a "man" that embodies characteristics of selfishness and bravery. This has lead her to separate from the Jackal.

Tomb Raider Magic Tool[]

Title, Magic Swordsman

Electric Knife: A meelee Raider tool that appears as

Beast Control: Conjures a gun that can be used by both the raider as well as there allies. When other ling beast are shot by this gun in return for wealth. Wealth cost of each beast is determined by the hit points of the beast in question.

Meteor Shower: By paying 500 the user summons a stream of stars of different colors. By striking three stars of similar color the user is able to create explosions as well as fire beams of light. This ability allows the raider to bypass the marking rule imposed by the tool.

Scout Shen Ling Equipment- Gained from defateing the dessert tomb raider boss. This ability allows her to detect Shen Ling Equipment oon another raider.

Ling Beast

Tishen Fuyou: A slime summon beast it appears as a lime green creature with two eyes and line for a mouth. The beast is able to transform and copy any individual. It is primarily used by Hualing in order to act as a decoy to deceive others, She controls the beast from afar with her raider tool which appears similar to a a game controller. Thus far the forms taken have been of Hua Ling matured by ten years, as well as an exact copy of her. The weakness is that the beast does not show visible damage like a normal raider would if there raider tool was damaged.