Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia


Lian Sang Liang


Ah Er

Yi Laikesi

Hua Ling Er(left guild)


35th Level Gold Mine, A large island that has recently been renovated by the Gold Treasure Hunting Guild. It has two large areas the forest area towards the east and the mining cart area towards the west. The mining cart area possess a single mine, which is guarded by stone monkeys with ruby eyes. When enraged the monkeys eyes will turn to gold and they grow in strength which can then be killed for a great amount of wealth in return. The forest area is littered with traps that when triggered capture the prey in a golden cell.


There goal is to collect as much wealth as possible. They are at there heart thieves who have used many methods to seize wealth. The acquisition of the level was in order to acquire a steady supply of wealth. The monsters have a unique trait that makes them more valuable. The mien itself can be worked to find gold that can be turned into wealth, the mine also houses a shen ling plant that can drop valuable goods.

The guild is also infamous for luring players through the game into a real world location. They then trap them in the game world using the leaders unique power to forcefully log players into the game. After threats the players give in and willingly sacrifice there wealth in order to survive.

The guild members although conniving with others have a close bond. Each member work in perfect unity with one another serving there leader interest above all. Although allied with Jade Coffin the relationship is tenous as the moment the guild leader lost his wealth he was considered disposable. It is clear his place on the VIP members was tenous at best.