Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia


The Gemini twins are the guide beast of shu shin.


  • Little sister
  • Big sister


Spirit form:

  • They take the form of cat like ball with green eyes the only differences between then are the little sister have 3 small lies in her forehead in case of the big sister have only spiral mark

Human form:

  • Take the form of a matured woman with green air and emerald eyes. Boss/ invocation form.



  • Fusion shape shifting: In the spirit form they merged together too form one of the other two form, they can't change between these two forms directly and have to return  to they spirit form. After using the Dragon form they need to rest inside Shu yin Phone, but the can assume the human form freely when they are inside.

Fly: in every of they 3 forms they are capable of fly.