Yin Zhi Shoumuren Wikia

Blood Shura is one of the antagonist in the series, he is also the Level 18th Boss who appeared after the players killed the low ranked monsters.

Appearance and Items

He is wearing a Chinese zombie like outfit with white bandage in his waistline. He also has a blue ragged like cape. And blue boots. His weapon , the spear can trigger a great damage in result of killing a lot of players in one hit and also one of his ability is fast regeneration, He regenerates because of he blood pool where he stands.

Blood Buda:

He's true form is a budda with a red color body, remaining only his mask of he's previous form. He's body gain a slime contexture who reduce the effect of phisic attacks and can regenerate adding blood, but making him more weak of atacks with hidden effect like the poison of shu yin

Soul form:

He can turn in a small form, when oly remain he's mask and the res of his body turn in a fire tail


Blood mosquito:


Key maze: a gian key


Heart of Shura: contain the lost memories of Shu Yin