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Bing Ka , is one of the protagonists of the series , and also the first Boss who appeared in. She is in a team with Shu Yin along with Luyou Qui in the first quest to defeat and protect a tomb from The Tomb Raiders. Because of her act their quest failed and Shu Yin's memories were erased and could not remember everything in that game and who she is and who Luyou Qui is too.

Appearance and Personality[]

She wears a mummy like outfit with Golden jewelries and accessories. She is friendly and one of her abilities is to summon a beast. She also has a second form The Boss Form

Boss form: she asume a form of a mostruous sand dune with two sand hands

Tool form: her tool form is a gun

Abilities and Equipment:[]

Gun Form:

  • in her gun form can shot destructive blast but need a user to use the late abilitie

Human form:

  • GunShe can use a duplicate o
  • Sand control: she can manipulate sand at will
  • Dust of time and Space: is a small portion of sand she carry in a hourglass when someone is touching it , she can make it return to the position the target was 20 seconds ago.
  • Dagger: she has a dagger with falcon head, when is throw it create a sand aura that look like a falcon

Boss Form:

  • She have a more masive control of sand and being made of it can trave for it.


Water: she can't mainpulate wet sand